You know that girl in the horror movie who is the first to die? She wears a piece of fabric that matches the dimensions of a paper towel covering her nipples and then tip toes into a dark cellar after the electricity mysteriously turns off. She continues down the steps even after the audience hears the distinctive sound of a pistol going off. Here comes the masked intruder.
A girl in a pink cardigan with class and a degree in BioChem carelessly tosses popcorn into her mouth as she whispers to her boyfriend:
“That girl is so stupid!” Her face scrunches in annoyance.
To which her surprisingly relaxed boyfriend who listens to good music and cares about the environment replies: “Hun it’s just a movie”
“I know it’s just a movie but couldn’t she as least put a shirt on?”
To which my reply is:
“Listen alright you adorable little sass mouth it might have been warm that hot summer night okay? Also that pow noise could easily be the next door neighbors car back firing. Don’t forget in this hypothetical situation I am a celebrity that had a nice enough body to get Liongate to hire me hence the revealing attire.”

Play devils advocate every once in a while, never judge a book by it’s cover, and above all else be stupid, make mistakes, be a lush. Living life by the convention of a normal level of intelligence is so mundane. Make people figure out you’re smart through weeks of drunken arguments and long metro rides and many a vegan salads later.