Here are 10 stupid things you should participate in when you have no ball in chain in the form of: your parents, your significant other, your room mate, your dog, your adopted child, ect.

10. Fill a water bottle with vodka.


This is a terrible idea which is why it is such a fantastic addition to the list. You wanna go for a walk in the park? Why not make that fuzzy little squirrel your friend as you skip down the path singing terrible renditions of miscellaneous show tunes. All the while you will be well hydrated. Who needs friends when you have vodka?

9. Dance in a grocery store when a song you like starts to play on the overhead radio.


Since high school you have promised yourself you would never let yourself get to this point again, ever. Seriously, you are going to listen to your high school self. Who cares if all your dignity is lost, YOLO.

8. Prank Call someone, anyone.


Is it April Fools Day my birthday, no kidding. You’re Bart Simpson. Prank call someone. The closer the person the funnier the result. Maybe you can make a video or maybe that person will hate you forever it’s the risk you must be willing to take.

7. Refrain from doing laundry.


See how long you can do it, it’s fun.

6. Collect something that is antiquated.


Cassette tapes, Pogs, neat looking glasses that you don’t drink out of, old keys, post cards from places you haven’t been. This is the time to be interested in things that don’t make sense because you don’t have anyone to explain it to.

5. Dye your hair a weird color.


You can’t even work at a gas station with a weird hair color. So unless you are a rock star,artist,free lance writer, or author you’re on the same scale as an applicant with a failed drug test. So while you have the chance just pretend your on summer vacay and wait to find your next job when you get laid off. You should dye your hair!! FB pic time ❤

4. Spend all your money on a vacation.

No one is keeping track of how you spend your money. Get a hotel in VA beach. Pay for a few friends. Have a ball. Spend all your tax return money…drinks on you.

3. Drive your car on E for way longer than you should.


This is the cheapest way to get a thrill. Will you make it home? Will someone ram into your bumper when your car slowly comes to a halt? Is there someone to pick you up if this happens? Maybe, maybe not you thrill seeker you.

2. Join a dating site.

Want to feel amazing and horrible at the same time? Join a dating site. Do this for the experiment of it all.

1. Get into a relationship.

The scariest thing you will ever do but now it’s time to grow up. If this relationship fails try again continue to be that stupid young optimist. Once you get into that relationship of yours let me know. I’ll make you a new list.