The cooking has steamed up my glasses and not because I am actually slaving away in the kitchen quite the contrary; I am sitting lazy and unobservant feeling slightly enthralled and slightly annoyed. It must be the lack of time I have with them, yeah that must be it. Or maybe it could be that we have grown apart.

I like to nap after large meals, especially when different people I haven’t seen in years ask me the same five questions that they could easily have found the answer to on basic social media outlets.

Excuse my complaints. I adore the family I have that takes the time to get to know me and likewise. Otherwise it’s a forced acquaintanceship.

Hiding upstairs with my brother the background an abandoned Xbox video game. We joke and tease about things that no one else would find funny and laugh hysterically. We might be fucked up but we understand each other and that’s what makes family and that’s what makes everyone else really messed up, even the people who you are led to believe are a part of your bloodline.

Ugh this sounds so hateful, oh well.